All vintages are memorable - some because they start early (2021), some because it rains for three months (2014) and others because of the great international teams we welcome in (it's been a while...).

Vintage 2022 though is shaping up like no other.  Our entire crew have moved their caravans or campervans into the vineyard so they can isolate from the Covid wave that is hitting Canterbury just as we bring in the fruit.  

So Frank & Anna (winery team), Andrew (vineyard manager and harvestor driver) and Jamie (normally on sales but cellarhand this vintage) have all moved into the vineyard.  So while it's not palatial - they're cosy and cooking up a storm, including autumn field mushrooms, and yes, even nachos on the BBQ.  Days that start at dawn aren't too bad when the sunrises are like that. 


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