Our story

In 2002 Tony and Catherine stumbled on a tiny abandoned vineyard in the foothills of Mount Brown, in the Waipara Valley, North Canterbury.  Waist-high in weeds, it presented an irresistible challenge and has gone on to produce trophy winning wines.

In 2006 we planted our Lime Loader vineyard, and in 2013 we purchased an old vineyard, Weka Gravels.

In 2013 we also built our winery and bottling line on the Lime Loader vineyard. This means that for our Pinot Gris, Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc wines the first time the grapes leave the vineyard is in a bottle!

Our Values

Love of the Land

From discovering an abandoned vineyard in the foothills of Mount Brown, to planting on fields of the old Lime Loader site in Waipara Valley, North Canterbury; everything Mount Brown Estates produces begins with a love for the land and ensuring our activities are sustainable.

As a third generation come on board, that responsibility for the land is passed on with an ever-growing understanding of the relationship between the land, the region, and the fruit.

From Grape to Glass

All Mount Brown Estates wine is estate-grown, made and bottled; in fact much of it is made and bottled within metres of the vineyard. We do it all in-house (from harvesting to bottling) to give us full control and ensure the highest of quality. The whole team have a huge breadth of skills, with our vineyard crew working in the winery over vintage and bottling. This approach is efficient and  born of a strong kiwi can-do attitude.

Hard Work and Fun

Our small, tight team work more like a family than a business, in the way that skills and talents are shared. This allows ownership to feel decentralised and the result is a sense of collective pride in the wine that is produced. But, with a small team comes hard work; with the owners leading the team by example with their grit and determination to succeed.
This approach allows for a culture of fun to thrive and just like good food, Mount Brown Estates understand that good wine is made even better when it’s made with fun. 


Mount Brown Estates is small organisation with big ambitions; to be profitable in a competitive industry, to produce great wine, to establish a reputation, to leave our land better than we found it, and most importantly: to leave a legacy that thrives.


Take a look around our three vineyards, find out which wines are made where and what makes them unique.


We're a family-owned business, with a small team of great people dedicated to making the best wine we can.


We are best known for our Pinot Noir and aromatics.  Find out what makes the wine from Mount Brown Estates so special.


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