We make wine that reflects the Waipara Valley terroir; spicy, fruity Pinot Noir; tropical Sauvignon Blanc; intense and luscious Pinot Gris and crisp, citrus driven Riesling. And we are one of a handful of vineyards in New Zealand making Tempranillo.

Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc launched New Zealand wine onto the international stage in the 1980s, and today most New Zealand vineyards produce this variety.  Sauvignon Blanc from Waipara Valley is more likely to have tropical and gooseberry flavours, unlike the herbaceous Marlborough Sauvignon Blancs.  Those flavours along with low crop yields means the region is producing unique and intensely flavoured wines.

On release are:


The Waipara Valley is renowned for its Rieslings.  Our Riesling vines are amongst the oldest on our vineyard and are a mix of clones to provide depth of flavour.   The cool nights and hot days during summer produce grapes with good levels of acidity so we often leave a small amount of residual sugar to balance out this acidity.

Our two Rieslings are:

Pinot Gris

This lovely aromatic grape produces wines that range from full-bodied and spicey through to lighter and fruitier styles.  2012 was a cooler summer and produced a Pinot Gris with fine acidity. In 2013 perfect vintage allowed us to produce luscious and full-bodied wines.  In 2015 we produced our first Grand Reserve Pinot Gris a luscious wine, almost Alace in style.  Pinot Gris is becoming increasingly popular and the Waipara Valley is well suited to this aromatic variety.

Our four Pinot Gris are:

Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is rocketing away in popularity in New Zealand and all over the world as more and more people discover the versatility of this wine – slightly chilled on a hot summer’s day with lunch, or an aperitif by the fire in winter.

Our Pinot Noir vines are the oldest on the property, first planted in 2002. Planted on a well-sheltered block with stony soils, the vines are predominantly Davis and Dijon clones; the Davis is slightly sweeter and the Dijon a more earthy flavour.

In 2015 our Grand Reserve Pinot Noir 2013 won a trophy at the Australian Boutique Wine Awards and was one of Bob Campbells top 12 Pinot Noirs that year.  Our 2014 Grand Reserve Pinot Noir has done equally well on the international stage with 90+ from Parker and 95pts from Decanter making it one of New Zealand’s top 7 Pinot Noirs.

Our Pinot Noir’s on release are:


Tempranillo is the grape that goes into red Rioja, those rich sumptuous reds from Spain.  Our vineyard is one of a handful of vineyards in New Zealand producing Tempranillo – and we believe the most southerly example.  All the wines are delicious examples of cool climate Tempranillo.

Our Tempranillos on release are: