A very special Rosé

Here in North Canterbury we're officially classed as a cool climate wine producer.  This might come as a surprise to some - with many days in the mid-30s during summer.  But it refers more to the length of the growing season.  A slightly shorter growing season means the window to get grapes fully ripened is smaller, making my father's decision to plant Tempranillo (a Spanish grape) a little bonkers.  But thank goodness he did - because it makes an awesome Rosé.  We add in Syrah (for that beautiful pink diamond colour) and Pinot Noir and some how all that deliciousness is greater than the sum of the parts - and it makes magical Rosé.  

Rosé is made in a very similar way to white wines except we leave it in the press for a few hours so the wine picks up that lovely pale pink colour.  The grapes are then pressed and undergo a cool ferment to retain all that gorgeous fruit flavour.  The ferment is stopped when the wine reaches a balance - around 10g residual sugar in 2021.  

We first made Rose in 2012 and its probably fair to say we were ahead of our time.  We only made 200 doz but it was a really hard sell in New Zealand and put us off making it again!  In 2016 we plucked up the courage again and sold out in months.  Every year we make more and every year we sell out.  This year we've made over 2000 doz, hoping that will see us through until next spring.


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