Is Pinot Gris the perfect winter white?

Its chilly!  And at this time of the year our (wine) thoughts naturally turn to red wines to accompany some of those hearty foods.  But increasingly our diets are moving away from lots of red meat and towards fish, white meats and plant based foods.  This means sometimes a big bold red won't work quite so well, but a chilled white isn't quite what we want either; enter Pinot Gris.

Unlike Sauvignon Blanc which needs chilling to lift the crisp acidity and provide structure, a full bodied Pinot Gris (like ours) with its naturally low acidity can be served at or slightly below room temperature making it the perfect winter time white.   

There is some truly delicious Pinot Gris being produced in North Canterbury with the region fast developing a name as the home of Pinot Gris in New Zealand.  We've just bought some more land and next year we'll be planting more of, you guess it, Pinot Gris. 


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